3 Curse


We will write something eventually!


Our mission is to make beautiful, hand-drawn T-shirt designs that have deeper meanings and inspire curiosity.  


Each T-shirt design concept is a collaborative effort envisioned by our 3 Curse Crew and then drawn by our graphic artist in pen and ink on Bristol board. Alright, alright, alright, it might sound like a throwback to the “Dazed and Confused’ era, but it allows us to create images that are intriguing, a bit imperfect and reflective of the creative souls that make up this company. We believe that there is a bit of alchemy that happens when the brain, the hand and the paper come together, a magic that is increasingly overshadowed by the highly technological, faster-than-the-speed-of-light age in which we currently reside. We are not nostalgic. We are not luddites. On the contrary, we are very forward-thinking individuals who believe that the human longings for artistic expression, wonderment and inquisitiveness deserve more attention on a planet where we are inundated with endless data. Our limited-edition designs are anything but ordinary: They spark interest and questions. Wear 3 Curse. Be Curious.


Behind the Name

Fear not. We are not wizards, warlocks or witches. Our name was decided upon after our two founders, Julian Boehning and Cormac Cullinane, hunkered down and after coming up with a few duds, decided upon 3 Curse. Why? Well, we leave that to speculation. But we will tell you that the name comes from the 3 Chinese Curses, which no one can actually trace back to China. Nonetheless, they have become folklore and are meant to make you think about the murky areas between blessings and curses. 

1.      May you live in interesting times.

2.      May you attract the attention of those in power.

3.      May you find what you’re looking for. 


So go ahead, contemplate the complexities of life, but by all means, do it in a 3 Curse shirt.