3 Curse



Julian Boehning

...taught himself how to shoot and dribble a basketball at age 20 months, but his father introduced him to soccer at age three and, as a result, he has been a competitive soccer player (and Arsenal fan) for most of his life. But he’s not all about “the beautiful game.” An incessant reader, Julian is a keen student of history, is infatuated with strategy, thinks literature is all about sex and death and hates math. There are rumors that he might have been Patton or Marcus Aurelius in a former life or maybe just some anonymous plebeian. Julian finds it necessary to make his bed only two or three times a year. Throughout his life, he has probably eaten two tons of popcorn. He only recently learned to scramble an egg. Right now, he is obsessed with becoming Stoic. He often talks about himself in the third person.


Cormac Cullinane

...is a multi-instrumental musician and actor who has appeared in several TV series. He began playing piano at age two. When he hears music, he sees colors—a condition called synesthesia. Never one to have determinate interests, Cormac is a voracious reader, thinks his aptitude for learning languages might make him a good spy, and he loves math.  He might have been Schubert or Descartes in a former life or maybe just a lumpenprole. On occasion, he enjoys eating large amounts of Cool Whip straight from the container. Because he never sleeps, Cormac feels no need to make his bed. Currently, Cormac is obsessed with the jazz stylings of Snarky Puppy and secretly hopes that they will let him join the band one day. He exuberantly talks about himself in the first person.


Nick Bourne

... comes from the world of advertising, where he works as a producer, creating several national TV commercials throughout his decade-long career. His interest in guitar began at the age of three when he played Jimmy Buffett tunes on his toy guitar. In middle school, he began playing for real after hearing the Dave Matthews Band, which he has seen live 78 times. But he does not spend all of his time at concerts, Nick is also an avid reader who loves a good mystery and certainly knows his craft beers. Once a lacrosse player, Nick’s present-day athletic pursuits include swimming in the ocean and biking. He might have been Louis XIV or Steve McQueen in a former life, or he might have been just a regular guy. Even on his birthday, Nick refuses to eat cake because he hates it. He makes his bed with perfect hospital corners every single day. He is currently obsessed with his hair. Nick talks about himself only if he is forced to do so.

Julie Boehning 

...had a previous life as a fashion journalist, working as a features editor, where she developed her love of wearing silver clothing. At the age of three, she created several imaginary friends about which she liked to make up stories and when she finally learned how to write, she put those stories on paper. In addition to writing, Julie is an ardent reader of history books and historical fiction, loves making pizza and still suffers from acute math anxiety. In a previous life, Julie was Queen Nefertiti of Egypt or Mary Wollstonecraft or perhaps she was just another anonymous woman. Most days, Julie refuses to eat solid food. She is a terrible multi-tasker. Although she manages to make her bed every other day, she long ago stopped trying to make hospital corners. She is currently penning a memoir entitled: Anything a French Woman Can Do, I Can Do Better. At present, she is is obsessed with reincarnation. Julie talks about herself only after she has talked about everything else.